Our wines Bordeaux Supérieur & Clairet

recolte et vinification vin bordeaux

The grape varieties

Our Bordeaux wines perfectly reflect the wine culture in Bordeaux. Indeed the grape varieties that compose them are: 60% Merlot, 30% Cabernet Sauvignon, 10% Cabernet Franc.
Vigorous grape varieties, cut in “double guillot” with two flat stems in Bordeaux style, with three buds each. Traditionally, the vine is forced to search, deep in the soil, for the elements necessary for its vitality.
All this brings a beautiful elegance to our cuvées. The vintages only remind us that no year is alike.

The horses belong to Charles Quignard, a young service provider whom I had the chance to know when he arrived in Gironde 4 years ago, coming from his Brittany. His work consists of cavaillonner and décavaillonner (putting on and taking off) the rows of vines 4 times a year. No more chemical weed killers.

The Vinification

The grapes are harvested by hand at the peak of their maturity in conditions of perfect hygiene.
After de-stemming the grapes are put into tanks for the postfermenting maceration which will take about 2 to 3 weeks under a controlled temperature. During the vinification we give preferential treatment to the extraction of fruit flavour as well as to obtain a long and silky tanic structure. In order to preserve the wine’s character it will not be filtered. It ages in oak barrels at least one year.

travail sol vigne par des chevaux de labour

Château Thuron Tradition

Bordeaux Supérieur

Deep, dense, shimmering color tinged with prunus garnet and edged with fuchsia reflections. Small opacity with slight haze in clarity-turbidity.
The bouquet in its first nose is a farandole of fruity jammy scents. Some floral notes are also scattered at the top. The second nose in its aeration expresses itself and blooms on warm tones, blond tobacco, dried fruits (fig, almond), leather on a woody base spiced with spices from which emerge nutmeg and cloves.

Advice: These wines will be appreciated as well as a starter with cold meats or foie gras, as with red, grilled or roasted meats, game stewed, venison, game birds, woodcock, thrushes, ducks and wood pigeons and especially the famous lamprey à la bordelaise.

Château Thuron Cuvée Prestige

Bordeaux Supérieur

This wine is made from a choice of the best grapes at harvest time. Matured in new oak barrels, made with oak staves from the Tronçais forest guaranteed to be of origin, it is exceptional, worthy of comparison with the greatest Bordeaux wines.
‘Deep ruby ​​color. Very good amplitude of the nose with woody liquorice notes, “tarry” without deviation. ‘
‘On the palate, remarkable elegance and suppleness, supported by a harmonious tannic structure and ending with roasted notes in a lingering finish.’ This is a very nice wine!

The aging is done in oak barrels for at least 14 months and 18 months.

Château Saint Martin de Monphélix

Bordeaux Supérieur

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Cattleya de Thuron

Bordeaux Clairet

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